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Smart farming specialized in sugarcane

Give your crop higher yields and longer life.

Mejor Uso De La Tierra Caña
Improve land use
Uso Inteligente De AgroquímicosA
Make wise use of agrochemicals
Optimización De Labores En Campo
Optimize field work
Incremento En Productividad
Increase productivity

Precision agriculture to monitor your crops

Manglar’s computer vision solutions have been validated in the field and generate instant value, offering you an immediate, geo-referenced and specific information:


Accurately quantify your crop’s additional potential and easily plan for reseeding.

Total depopulation and reseeding potential, differentiated management zones, area-based reseeding plans, furrow-based reseeding plans.

Caña Maleza


Control the spread of weeds in the most critical periods, act at the right time and optimize the use of agrochemicals.

Differentiated management zones, control plans per area, control plans per furrow.


Monitor your plants at each stage of their growth cycle, evaluate their needs, and project future harvests.

Plant height, leaf area index, differentiated management zones, reinforcement plans per area.

Caña Surcos


Understand your planting patterns and find opportunities to make better use of your planted area.

Total furrow length, density per hectare, average distance between furrows, residue coverage.

Caña Salud

Plant health

Understand the conditions that affect your crops and act at the right time to improve your productivity.

Stress measurement, pest and disease assessment, differentiated management zones, area control plans.

Caña Terreno


Analyze your land, measure your productive area and understand how water behaves.

Current/ideal gross area, net planted area, elevation per property, and lot, slope, and water flow.

Conoce La Plataforma

Manglar uses drones and high-resolution aerial imagery to monitor and analyze your crops closely and in detail.

Discover what Manglar can do for your crops

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