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Monitor and analyze your crops

Anytime, anywhere and on any device

How the platform works

Manglar transforms hundreds of thousands of pieces of data into useful, clear and detailed information that is easy to understand and exploit.

The process is simple


1. Imaging

Use drones to fly over the terrain and capture high-resolution images.


2. Upload

Login to the platform and upload images of your crops.


3. Analysis

Manglar processes and analyzes each image in a detailed and millimetric way.


4. Consultation

Review and assess the results of the analysis.


5. Action

Make decisions based on the information obtained, with confidence and peace of mind.

Manglar is state-of-the-art technology with ultra-high resolution

The analyzes are carried out with millimeter resolution. Other platforms do it at centimeter or metric level in case of using satellite images.

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used to perform the analysis, without manual processes. All knowledge is compiled into reliable and repeatable AI models.

Geospatial Analytics

Manglar can analyze large volumes of data in a meaningful and efficient manner because it is developed by specialists in geospatial data science.

Cloud Computing

Manglar’s processing capacity and response times grow elastically to meet the needs of each client.




Manglar’s services work with different types of drones, including commercial and low-cost drones.


View images and results from any device, anywhere, even without an Internet connection.


View geographically consolidated information. Group and filter by the characteristics that interest you most.


Share with your team the necessary information, at no additional cost. The platform is available to your entire organization.


Easily find critical points in the field. Capture photographic evidence and text and voice notes. Classify your findings.


Integrate third-party data and share data with intelligent machinery to measure labor effectiveness and improve quality.



Experience and precision

More than 5 years of experience in machine vision focused on crop analysis. Algorithms tested in the field and with high levels of accuracy.

Security and compliance

Manglar has technologies to segment and protect your sensitive data, and a cloud datacenter with more than 90 worldwide compliance certifications.

High ROI rates

Solutions with high ROI rates and measurable results that increase productivity in alignment with field production costs.

Discover what Manglar can do for your crops

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