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Smart farming for any type of crop

Manglar’s technology can be customized according to your specific needs.

Mejor Uso De La TierraA
Improve land use
Uso Inteligente De AgroquímicosA
Make wise use of agrochemicals
Optimización De Labores En Campo
Optimize field work
Incremento En Productividad
Increase productivity

Precision agriculture to monitor your crops

Manglar’s computer vision solutions generate instant value, offering you immediate geo-referenced and specific information:

Population analysis

Quantify your crop by individuals, planting lines, or areas. Measure your additional potential.

Development analysis

Evaluate the growth of your crop by height, diameter, cover, or vigor. Analyze your productivity.


Weeds, pests and diseases

Identify infestations that attack your crop and create site-specific control and management plans.

Land measurement

Measure the actual capacity and shape of your land to be more efficient in costs and actions.

Conoce La Plataforma

Manglar uses drones and high-resolution aerial imagery to monitor and analyze your crops closely and in detail.

Discover what Manglar can do for your crops

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