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Know your crops better with

Artificial Vision

Obtain accurate and detailed information to make decisions with total confidence and ease of mind.

Better use of the land
Optimize the planted area and increase its population.

Smart use of agrochemicals
Take care of the planet while reducing your costs.

Better quality work
Ensure the efficiency of your field teams and make their tasks easier.

Higher productivity
Increase the quality of your harvest and meet your goals.


Discover what Manglar can do for your company.


Population analysis

Quantify your crop by individuals, planting lines, or areas, and measure its additional potential.


Development analysis

Evaluate your crop growth by height, diameter, coverage or vigor, and analyze productivity.


Weeds, pests, and diseases

Identify infestations attacking your crops and create site-specific management and control plans.


Terrain measurement

Measure the capacity and the actual shape of your land to be more cost and action efficient.


Integration with machinery

Share data with your smart machinery to improve quality and measure work effectiveness.


Data integration

See in one place all the geographic information of your crops.


It’s simple.

Use drones to fly over your crops and capture images or videos to store in the Cloud. Our platform will process and analyze these large volumes of data at a millimetric level, turning them into clear and reliable information that you can understand and seize.

Capture. Upload. Analyze. Take action.



Going beyond the obvious allows us to achieve new and better goals more easily.


Take a closer look at your plants and measure the millimetric characteristics of each individual.


Make decisions quickly and get your results in just hours after flying.

Low cost

Use low-cost drones to capture information and fly over your entire crop.


Access your information online and from anywhere: check it out at your office or in the field.


Count on our team of agriculture and machine vision experts to gain new insights.


Analyze any crop type; our system quickly learns what you need to measure.


Know the latest about Manglar.

Drones, The new employees

Learn about the use of Machine Vision in Sauza, an article published in Fortune magazine in Spanish. Discover how Mangrove is an important axis in your planning.

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