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Highly specialized
in agave

Ensure the availability of your agave crops and increase your competitiveness

Get detailed knowledge of the population

  • Inventory of plants per area and furrow.
  • Inventory and classification of tillers by size.
  • Plant density.
  • Identification of spacing.

Locate and
identify weeds

  • Coverage by area, furrow, and alley.
  • Average height.
  • Classification of broad and narrow leafs.
  • Zonal control plans (spot spraying).

Evaluate the

  • Growth curves and indices.
  • Estimation of current weight.
  • Weight estimation at the time of jima.

Control and improve
plant health

  • Dead plants.
  • Pests and diseases.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Phytotoxicity.

Improve the understanding
of the terrain

  • Drainage map.
  • Level curves.
  • Annual erosion index.
  • Slope map.

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