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Turn every millimeter of your crop into knowledge

Get clear and accurate information to make the right decisions at the right time.

Manglar is a
Computer Vision platform

Its technology uses drones and ultra-high resolution aerial imagery to monitor and analyze your crops up close and in detail.

Mejor Uso De La TierraA
Improve land use
Uso Inteligente De AgroquímicosA
Make wise use of agrochemicals
Optimización De Labores En Campo
Optimize field work
Incremento En Productividad
Increase productivity

Highly specialized solutions in smart farming

Manglar customizes its services according to the needs of each client.

Solución Agave


Analyze population, growth, weeds, terrain, and stress.

Solución Caña


Evaluate soil, furrows, population, weeds, development, and plant health.

Otros Cultivos

Other crops

Measure, quantify, analyze and evaluate your crops.

Headquartered in Colombia and Mexico

Manglar has an operational presence and large clients in several countries in the Americas.